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Engineering History (E2222)

Engineering History  (E2222)


Historical development of engineering & technology & their influence upon human society are presented as a basis for understanding thisinteraction today.


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Useful Links

Rating : [***] = superb, must see - [**] = excellent
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 Gallery of Photographs in Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering and Engineering History

Roman waterworks

 LacusCurtius - Roman Waterworks and Hydraulic Engineering [***]
 Roman Aqueducts and Water Systems (Rome aqueduct system)

 Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome (Italy)
 Gorze Aqueduct at Metz  (France) [**]
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 Reprints of Research Papers


 Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome
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 National Palace Museum (Taipei)
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Château de Versailles - Official Site (in English)
Les fontaines de Versailles (Fountains and cascades, with sound and animation) (in French) [**]

Buildings and architecture

    Great Buildings Online (incl. 3D models)

    The Formal Water Garden

Dam engineering

 A History of arch dams
 Dams Safety Committee of New South Wales Australia
 Bureau of Reclamation Concrete Dams
 Steel dams
 Timber Crib Weirs in Queensland, Australia
 Rubber dams


 History Resources (UK)
 ROMARCH: Roman art and archaeology (for Research only)
 History of Australian Science and Technology (HAST)

 Maps and site plans (Old World; Eastern Hemisphere)

 University of Queensland Library

ICEnet: The Institution of Civil Engineers, UK Homepage
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 Highlights in the History of Hydraulics by Hunter ROUSE

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